5 May

Twin Pines House 2019: Fully Furnished Home For Mayo Clinic Liver Transplant Patient And Family In Rochester, MN

This is our fourth trip to Mayo Clinic in the last 14 months. Our son had been on the liver transplant list since 2009. In March of 2018 he was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer). When we got this horrible news of cancer, we immediately called Greg, Jodie, and Joanna at Serenity House Network and they found us a place to stay.  Brian underwent many rounds of radiation and chemotherapy during that time. Each time we returned to Rochester, SHN found us a wonderful place to stay. All of the SHN homes were spotless and well equipped. In fact, all we had to do was bring our clothing and food, and we were good to go. 

This visit is our most memorable visit. Brian finally got his liver transplant and I am happy to report that he is now cancer free. He is doing wonderful; Praise the Lord! We are leaving tomorrow, but this time it is not with a heavy heart. We are still celebrating this glorious miracle. 

We have met so many wonderful people during our trips to Rochester. We just can’t thank Greg, Jodie, Joanna, June Ann and Zhade for all their help and words of encouragement during our visits. 

With Twin Pines being our last stop before returning to PA, we would also like to thank the owners of this wonderful home. It is spacious, well equipped and the decor is just beautiful. It was so nice to bring Brian home from the hospital to a one story house. Thank you for sharing your home! 

Brian, Connie, & Pat Elliott- Huntington, PA (2 Month Stay) May 5, 2019

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