25 Jan

Twin Pines House 2019: Fully Furnished Home For Mayo Clinic Kidney Transplant Patient And Family In Rochester, MN

We loved this house. It met every expectation we had. I had a kidney transplant on December 31. My husband was my donor. We each had our own caregiver and we had plenty of room for 4 adults. After surgery my toddler visited me with 2 family members and we still had enough room. My personal favorites are the awesome recliner, high speed internet, and super clean sheets and towels. 

Overall, renting this place was the best thing we did. Love the Serenity House Network team, they were very professional. Highly recommend this for patients and their family.

Aarthi Thiruvengadam & Narasimham Rangan ( 6 Week Stay) January 25, 2019

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We Welcome Mayo Patients of all ages, and any diagnosis.

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** Minimum Stay of 7 Nights Required. **

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