Tara’s Place 2017: Fully furnished house in Rochester, MN

26 Aug

Tara’s Place 2017: Fully furnished house in Rochester, MN

Tara’s Place 2017: Fully furnished house in Rochester, MN

Our stay here at Tara’s Place has been nothing short of a blessing. The thought of six weeks so far from home in Oregon was quite daunting for us. 

As farmers, we are never away that long, especially in the middle of harvest. Finding your home to rent made a very tough time for us be very enjoyable instead. Being outside of town, with room to spread out and wildlife to watch, made us feel at home here. That has been so important for Dan while he has undergone treatment. 

We have enjoyed cooking at “home” and having the luxury of hosting family. That has helped break up our long visit here. We are also grateful for the space to set up a work station to help keep things running in the office at home. The visits from Tara and Jay and our house mom, Angie, have been welcome treats for us, too. We were even lucky enough to get the occasional drop-in from Hunter and the cat!

All in all, we have felt extremely welcome and at home here. You have done a marvelous job with that. We are certainly ready to get back to our “normal” lives, but are truly grateful for what you have offered us here. We have bragged about this place to anyone who will listen! Everyone seems greatly impressed. If we ever have need to be back here for an extended time, we will certainly be hoping to stay here. 

Thank you for being such a huge and comforting part of the healing process for us!

Dan and Karen Walchli (6 week stay) August 26, 2017

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