8 Jul

Tara’s Place 2019: Fully Furnished Home For Mayo Clinic Stem Cell Transplant Patient And Family In Rochester, MN

Dear Friends,

“Come to me and I shall give you rest.” You are doing the Lord’s work at Serenity House Network.

It was a difficult 2018-2019 winter as we received John’s multiple myeloma diagnosis and began treatment. He responded well and we were made aware that he may be a candidate for an autologous stem cell transplant. We were elated but also overwhelmed by the details of leaving our farm for six weeks during the crop season. How do we handle all of this? Where will we live and who can we trust?

We were aware that another Decorah resident had received the same medical treatment at Mayo. We called them for advice. She recommended the Serenity House Network. She said “You’ll feel almost like you are home”. She was right on!

When we called SHN for a reservation, there were two options for us. We settled upon Tara’s Place. This was an excellent option for two people comfortable in a rural environment. 

During our time here we have enjoyed the birds, flowers, crops growing across the road, and the green space all around. One evening a small frog joined me on the deck. 

When preparing for our stay, six weeks seemed like a long time to be away from home and family. However, the time passed quickly as renting Tara’s Place allowed us to host friends and family in our spacious environment. 

Although we were in a stressful situation, we found “serenity” here. As we prepare to return home, we will remember Tara’s Place and SHN with fondness. You all were our “bridge over troubled waters”. God bless and keep you as you continue your work.

John and Karen Gipp- Decorah, IA (6 Week Stay) July 8, 2019

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