26 Jan

Scott Apt. 2019: Fully Furnished Apartment For Mayo Clinic Stem Cell Transplant Patient And Family In Rochester, MN

In November of 2017 my then 25 year old son was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. After going through chemo back home in Superior, WI the cancer came back. At that point the doctors decided a stem cell transplant was the best course of treatment. We were presented with a long list of places to stay in Rochester, and I knew we wanted to stay somewhere that would feel as close to home as possible. After finding Serenity House Network and talking to Greg, I knew this would be the perfect fit. Everyone at SHN has been so kind and helpful. If anything was needed in regards to the apartment, they took care of it. 

When my son and I first arrived, we stayed at the Scott apartment. Our anticipated date of departure had changed and Greg was extremely accommodating in finding us another place to stay at the Quincy apartment. We had to be in Rochester over Christmas. I’ve never, in 50 years, had to spend Christmas away from family. Greg made sure there was a tree up in our apartment. I hope he knows how grateful I was for that kind gesture. My sister, nephew and mom who live in the Cities, passed on going up north to spend Christmas with the family to come to Rochester so my son and I would not be by ourselves.

I would highly recommend SHN to anyone who needs a beautiful place to stay. The accommodations are above and beyond. Greg, June Ann, and the whole SHN team are the BEST!

Thank you!

Stacey Peterson & Joshua Harmadi ( 7 Week Stay) January 26, 2019

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