22 Mar

Pine Tree Place House 2019: Fully Furnished Home For Mayo Clinic Patient And Family In Rochester, MN

I want to thank Serenity House Network for being there when we needed you. The doctor’s at Mayo said my son’s surgery would take a few hours and be out of the hospital in 2-3 days. The surgery went well, but his lower GI refused to wake up. They thought he had an infection, maybe a leak, then maybe pneumonia…SHN worked with us to allow us to stay a few more needed days. 

SHN kept the driveway clear during the 25 year blizzard. This allowed me to go visit my son. Thank you all for caring and providing a home away from home for Ben to recover in. He was able to properly rest, prepare his special diet and relax during recovery. This is our second time using an SHN home, and we still have more visits ahead. Thanks again for this ministry you have.

Wow is it ever cold here in MN!

John & Ben- Louisiana & Mississippi (2 1/2 Week Stay) March 22, 2019

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We Welcome Mayo Patients of all ages, and any diagnosis.

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** Minimum Stay of 7 Nights Required. **

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