2 May

Julianna Apt. 2019: Fully Furnished Apartment For Mayo Clinic Patient And Family In Rochester, MN

Greg, Jodie, and Sheryl,

Thank you for using your burdens and experiences to bless others. You have anticipated our every lodging need. God in his wisdom truly works all things together for our good. Your love and care have been a great example to a watching world. May you experience continued joy as you serve others with such great enthusiasm. 

Thank you Greg for the snow removal during a record breaking winter! Jodie, thank you for creating a home full of love, joy, hope, peace and faith. Sheryl, you serve with kindness and sensitivity.

God bless the Serenity House Network for His glory!

John & Julie Wieland (3 Month Stay) May 2, 2019

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We Welcome Mayo Patients of all ages, and any diagnosis.

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** Minimum Stay of 7 Nights Required. **

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