10 Jul

Dottie’s Place 2019: Fully Furnished Home For Mayo Clinic Scheurman’s Kyphosis Patient And Family In Rochester, MN

Dottie’s Place has been a great “home away from home” for me, my daughter Lisha and her 2 children, Colby-15 and Cassie-4. Colby needed the quiet atmosphere, privacy and home cooked meals to recover. Plus, the basement “playroom” for the 4 year old was a blessing!

Mayo Clinic was the absolute best place for Colby’s surgery for Scheurman’s Kyphosis. It was a great success. His spine went from an 87 degree curvature to a 35 degree curvature (normal is a 20 to 50 degree curve). Colby had a wonderful surgeon. We thank Mayo Clinic for recommending Serenity House Network!

Phyllis Harden (3 Week Stay) July 10, 2019

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