20 Dec

Dottie House 2018: Fully Furnished House For Mayo Clinic Kidney Transplant Patient And Family In Rochester, MN

This is a very nice home to relax and recover in. Quiet and safe neighborhood. Very clean with nice furnishings available for our use. Just a very pleasant place, I can’t say enough about Serenity House Network. 

As a caregiver to a kidney transplant patient, this home felt warm and inviting after a long day of appointments when rest was needed. The kitchen was very user friendly with everything easily at ones fingertips. This home is perfectly located for hospital visits, shopping, fuel, and a wonderful church called Autumn Ridge that I had the opportunity to visit one Sunday. This place is a wonderful blessing.  -Kathy Lutz (caregiver), Lee Halverson (Kidney Transplant Recipient)

From Lee’s wife Dana:

I second all of Kathy’s comments. Dotties’ place made our stay in Rochester so much easier and more comfortable! Thanks for everything you all do in this mission of yours. From our 3 kids and I as well- God Bless you! -Dana Halvorson, Brett, Robyn, and Laura

Lee and Dana Halvorson (1 Month Stay) December 20, 2018

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