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Category: Guest Testimonials Serenity House Patrick Apt: Teague Family Posted July 29, 2013 by Jodie Hook July 2013 Greg and Jodie, Serenity House was truly a Godsend and a blessing to our family this past month. It offered us a safe place to relax, refresh, and experience the wonderful biking and walking areas around Rochester. But more importantly, it gave us a place to grow and live as a family as our daughter attended the Pain Rehab Center. This is a grace-giving ministry and we are grateful to you for making it possible. Richard and Cindy Teague filed under: Current Events, Guest Testimonials White River House Priscilla Apt: Howe Family Posted July 29, 2013 by Jodie Hook March 16-July 25, 2013 Heidi and Kevin, Thanks so much for the accommodations here at the Priscilla apartment. It has been a long ordeal during my stem cell transplant, but we found “serenity” here at the apartment. We really enjoyed getting acquainted with Rochester. Sue particularly enjoyed the shopping! Our best to you always, Bruce and Sue Howe New Richmond, Wisconsin filed under: Current Events, Guest Testimonials Serenity House Brigid Apt: Johnson Family Posted July 29, 2013 by Jodie Hook July 2013 It is really no fun to be sick – all the trips to the doctors and all of the testing. At the end of the day, it was nice to come “home” to a familiar, home-like environment that feels comfortable. A nice, home-like place to rest and enjoy the comforts really helpedus through this process. Keep up the good work. We wish all the best with SHN! Mary and Russ Johnson filed under: Current Events, Guest Testimonials Sunny Place Cottage Julianna Apt: Mattila Family Posted June 10, 2013 by Jodie Hook May 26, 2013 My husband, Gary, was diagnosed with very agressive multiple myeloma in December 2012. We came to Rochester Mayo Clinic in March of 2013 for a consult. Dr. Dingli recommended autologous stem cell transplant to hopefully give Gary many more years of quality life. The doctor informed us it would require a 6-week stay in Rochester. We checked out our lodging options and knew that a Serenity House Network home would work perfectly, especially since we would have a change in caregivers throughout our stay. We moved into the Julianna apartment on May 1st, which worked out beautifully since Gary’s transplant was scheduled for May 2nd. This home had everything we needed for comfort and relaxing. A nice, big kitchen with all the necessities that we have at home. The 2nd bedroom was perfect for an extra, comfortable bed when needed. The drive to Mayo was easy and quick and we purchased a parking pass right away, so we never worried about parking or having cash on hand to pay. The Julianna apartment is close to grocery stores, and big box stores for all our daily needs. A couple of favorite restaurants in town are Hunan Chinese which is in Soldier’s Field Plaza, Mac’s Cafe downtown, and while Gary was wearing his mask and we needed a place seated in a quiet area, Perkin’s and Red Lobster were good options in the middle of the afternoon. Our favorite entertainment was just driving around Rochester, exploring the city, and looking at the beautiful, unique homes up on the hill behind St. Mary’s Hospital. Thanks to Greg and Jodie for providing these homes to medical patients, where they can come “home” from appointments every day to a place to totally relax in comfort. And thanks, Greg, for removing the snow off our vehicle on May 3rd (!!!) while we were still getting ready to go to the morning appointment. We will definitely recommend these homes to anyone we know needing a temporary place of lodging while needing medical care. And now, we are departing and we pray that God will continue to heal Gary and he can enjoy life to the fullest for many years. God has treated him well during his recovery and we pray it will continue. Thank you again, Gary and Nancy Mattila Cokato, MN filed under: Current Events, Guest Testimonials Baptist Hospitality House: Swearingen Family Posted June 10, 2013 by Jodie Hook December 2012-May 2013 We know the good Lord directed us to Serenity House Network and the loving arms of Jodie and Greg. This house has been a haven for us as we spent 8 months with our daughter after her heart transplant. After the exhausting, long hospital days it gave us the feeling of home and respite. Surely the Lord smiles down on the SHN ministry every day as you provide comfort to the weary and hope for the sorrowing. Jim and Eileen Swearingen filed under: Current Events, Guest Testimonials City View Sanctuary: Sutton Family Posted June 10, 2013 by Jodie Hook June 1, 2013 My husband and I stayed here for 3 weeks while my breast cancer was evaluated and treated. I had a wonderful team and hopefully an excellent prognosis. Having this comfortable, relaxing home to stay in so close to The Clinic and hospital was very helpful in my healing. We explored Rochester downtown. Our favorite places were SOMA, Chico’s, Chester’s Restaurant, The Pub House, and Dairy Queen. We loved the artwork at Mayo and the wonderful, unplanned piano playing, singing and dancing in the Mayo Subway Atrium. If you are talented, please join in and play the piano or sing. Joyce and Martin, California filed under: Current Events, Guest Testimonials Sunny Place Cottage James Apt: Uhlenhake Family Posted May 20, 2013 by Jodie Hook May 2013 Thank you to Greg and Jodie for giving us a home away from home and also to Heidi and her family at Red River House. Blessings come to those who bless others, so we think you will be richly blessed at Serenity House Network. Betty and Terry Uhlenhake filed under: Current Events, Guest Testimonials Serenity House Patrick Apt: Badgley Family

Thank you for providing such a wonderful place to stay for Mayo Clinic families. The house was amazing and we always felt very comfortable. Thanks for being so wonderful and encouraging!

Love, Rick and Julie Badgley May 9, 2013

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