2 May

Brigid Apt. 2019: Fully Furnished Apartment For Mayo Clinic Stem Cell Transplant Patient And Family In Rochester, MN

My brother had a stem cell transplant and stayed over 100 days in Rochester. I was his donor and caregiver during this period of time. We spent countless nights at the hospital, in motels, and other facilities. It was a breath of fresh air when we started staying in a Serenity House Network home.

I worked with Bonnie and Greg for the past 100 plus days. They are both very kind and caring individuals. 

After being at the clinic all day for appointments, it was so nice to have a “home” to come home to. Its so nice how their places are furnished with all the amenities of a home. Whenever we needed anything in regards to the house, they were there helping us out. The best landlords you could ever find. They provide a wonderful service to the community. We feel very fortunate that we had such wonderful accommodations during this extended stay in Rochester.

I would highly recommend this housing network to anyone in need. Thank you Bonnie and Greg for everything! God bless!

Barb & Wayne Salem- Butterfield, MN (4 Month Stay) May 2, 2019

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