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Baptist Hospitality House 2018: Fully Furnished Private Home for Mayo Clinic Liver Transplant Patient and Family in Rochester, MN

Baptist Hospitality House was our first Serenity House Network home for nearly three months.

My husband was at deaths door on September 9th, 2017. I had him transferred to the Mayo Clinic here in Rochester. By a miracle of God he received his liver transplant on September 18th, 2017. I stayed in hotels until October when I found the Serenity House Network on the Mayo website. I prayed that they had a place I could call home. Our children were missing us and the SHN home allowed them to come stay with us for more than one visit.

My husband was inpatient for several months. When he was finally released, the comfort of BHH allowed him to get stronger. We needed to stay longer than we originally planned. We were blessed to transfer to the SHN Scott apartment for my husband to continue his recovery. At the Scott apartment we received the good news on his biopsy that allows us to go home now.

Thank you SHN for having homes for people like us to call a “home away from home”. I’d especially like to thank Greg for being who he is as well as June Ann. A special thank you to Rebecca for checking on me from time to time. May God Bless you all for everything that you do and the comfort and stress-free atmosphere these homes provide.

The Talamasys (3 Month Stay) February 1, 2018

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